Who We Are

Our congregation was founded on April 11, 1994 and is relatively young among other Unitarian Universalist communities in Canada.

Our religious movement is founded on a tradition of reason, freedom and religious tolerance.  We welcome individuals whose spiritual quest is a personal search for truth and meaning.  We invite you to get to know us.  We are a lay-led congregation which enables us to be very diverse in our services and we reach out to the community in many ways, one of them to conduct Rites of Passage (weddings, memorial services etc) by licensed Lay-Chaplains.

See also the Are you being Spiritually Fed? at the end of the screen below. We have a strong need for social action while also wanting spirituality in our lives and spirituality does not mean much without action as well. To emphasize both needs can be a tall order to fill, and every year we try to organize a balanced set of Sunday Services to accomplish this, depending on what speakers are available.

Here's what we do:

Below are a few videos that may help you understand what Unitarian Universalism is all about.

"Are you being Spiritually Fed?"

Spirituality can be at the core of a healthy life, and yet we often neglect that aspect of ourselves because it's so difficult to quantify or even describe.  But if you feel a void, then it's time to make a change from the inside out.  If the path you've taken doesn't offer you peace, meaning, and purpose, then step off it and investigate new experiences.  This could be as simple as trying meditation or as far-reaching as studying a new religion.  Don't be afraid to explore new spiritual options, like our congregation, do join us for our Sunday service a couple of times. We are relatively casual and unlike a true dogma or creed, we have seven wonderful principles, which we strive to adhere to.