Welcoming LGBT

Our Congregation committed to a two year long awareness training process to understand how language and attitudes can be changed to become truly welcoming to groups in our society with especially Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender people in mind.

Our congregation was awarded the official title of being an official Welcoming Congregation  in May 2010 by the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) and calls to the community to join us in the cause of striving to make this world all-inclusive and celebrating our differences. We are also aware that we are not perfect (who is?), and that being a "Welcoming Congregation" is an ongoing continuing process, especially with new members and friends joining who have not gone through the awareness process.

The CUC has created a follow-up process that the congregation will commit to at some point, but the awareness right now is the most important step toward an accepting, loving and celebrating society.

One part of the commitment is of course that our Lay-Chaplains conduct same-sex weddings as well. In fact Unitarian congregations spearheaded same-sex weddings decades before it was part of the law.