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Treasurer Duties

  • Collect Sunday donations each Sunday(or arrange alternative)
  • Sort donations and enter amounts under members name in book.
  • Keep tally of ALL monies coming into church(Beans, Fundraising etc)
  • Make up deposit slip(s) and deposit money in bank.
  • Transfer financial information each month to bookkeeper
  • Pay all church bills using double signature on each cheque Keep a record of each amount and number.
  • Reimburse members for personal monies spent on church business
    and keep a record of personal monies spent for church business and forward to Board for payment
  • Pay Sunday Speaker after the service and Sunday School Teacher (if present) monthly.
  • Prepare annual tax receipts for preceding year each January .Keep a record for Income Tax.Audit
  • Attend Board meetings and make monthly report.  Give annual report at AGM.
  • Organise ANNUAL CANVASS in November.
  • Prepare with Board Members an ANNUAL BUDGET.
  • Inspire Fundraising efforts by members.
  • Prepare Pledge statements documentation in October and distribute.
  • Pick up mail from PO box in Fergus and distribute mail to Board members 
  • Pay CUC ANNUAL DUES as instructed by CUC treasurer.
  • Notify CUC of current membership as instructed each Fall.(keep a copy)
  • Set rates for SUNDAY SPEAKERS fees with Board including travel expenses.
  • Remember to thank Scoutmaster each December (gift./ Card) for use of storage room.
  • Provide financial material for the Newsletter where appropriate.
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