Getting Involved

To get involved is fun. It can be helping out with projects or volunteering every four weeks with our Pod duties (setting up for Sunday Services).

Then there is of course the full commitment of becoming a member and belonging to the group even more.

After a little while we invite regular attendees and friends to become members of our church.  There are no formal requirements. But mentally and morally it means commitment from both sides. The members commit to the congregation and the congregation commits themselves to the members.

New members sign our registry and are recognized at a special ceremonial service.  Members are expected to contribute regularly to the church, in monetary form as well as time, although there is no set level of giving (contributions are tax deductible). The church would not exist without support of finances and volunteers.

Members can vote at the Annual General Meeting or any other official Member Meeting and they can be elected to serve on the board of directors, and are thus part of the democratic process

In addition to our local newsletter, which all regular attendees receive, members receive the Canadian Unitarian, quarterly newsletter of the CUC.